2007/08 targets

Progress against the targets we set and published last year is as follows:

Increase community health activity that makes a positive contribution to the wider public health agenda and is aligned to our business priorities

During the year, we increased community health activity through a number of initiatives that contributed positively to public health in the communities we serve. Our businesses shared knowledge and expertise, and have built on their experiences for the benefit of our patients and customers.

In France we recently set up a training session for members of Alphega Pharmacy focusing on how to react in case of a heart attack and how to use a defibrillator when the victim’s condition demands it. Following the session, many of our independent pharmacy customers invested in defibrillators and publicised this potentially life-saving service within their local communities.

Following the devastating earthquake in Peru, our Spanish wholesale business organised an internal campaign and employees generously donated money, clothes and first aid items to the non-governmental organisation “Mano a Mano”, which sent the material direct to Peru.

The Boots “change one thing” campaign has also contributed to the public health agenda in the UK and the Republic of Ireland over the past three years, helping thousands of customers stick to their New Year’s resolutions, such as giving up smoking or improving their diet. In January 2008 we extended this successful initiative into schools in the UK, launching a website that provides students and teachers with a wide range of online resources designed to encourage young people to think about their health, help them learn the skills they need to make healthy choices, and support them in making positive changes to their lifestyle. (www.boots.com/changeonethingschools)

Increase customer and employee fundraising for our key charity partners

A large number of the people who work for Alliance Boots genuinely want to make a contribution to the good health of the community. We do not need to ask them to be generous with their time and energy, but we do give them encouragement, providing volunteering opportunities and supporting their fund-raising efforts. During the year, we also increased our customer and employee fundraising. For example, in November 2007, the fundraising efforts of employees from across the UK helped to raise a record total of £1.2 million for the “BBC Children in Need” appeal.

Set up payroll giving schemes in Alliance Healthcare where possible

Payroll giving schemes have now been set up for all employees in the UK, including our wholesale business.