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Business activities overview

Alliance Healthcare España

Alliance Healthcare España is one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in the country with extensive geographical coverage through its network of 26 distribution centres enabling products to reach more than 7,300 delivery points.

Alphega Farmacia

Alphega Farmacia has around 650 members in Spain.

Alloga España

Alloga España has grown rapidly following the acquisition of T2picking, a Spanish pharmaceutical logistic operator, in December 2011. Alloga España provides manufacturers with a strong local market offer, while being part of the wider Alloga network.

Skills in Healthcare

Skills in Healthcare provides manufacturers in Spain with contract sales force solutions.


Almus was launched in Spain during 2009. A select range of Almus generics are currently sold in the Spanish market.


Alvita was launched in Spain during 2008 and now has around 195 products in the range.


Alcura is our service brand for Alliance Boots innovative and specialised healthcare services. It was launched in Spain in April 2013, where some of these services had previously been offered by other brands.

Key country data**

  • Population: 47 million
  • Population >65: 17%
  • Pharmacies: c.20,550
  • Population per pharmacy: c.2,300
  • Total pharmaceutical spend: c.$19.8 billion, c.$420 per person
  • Generic market share: 48% volume / 24% value

* Figures are approximations as at 31 March 2014 unless otherwise stated.
** Market data is sourced from IMS and is for 2013.